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Operate Your Plant Through Mobile

Office IT Management

Our European and American companies are satisfied with effectiveness, timely deliveries, freedom from permanent manpower, productivity, full stack IT support including website, database, mobile communication

Mob App Development

Smart phones have taken over on other forms of devices and altered the way we live and interconnect in our daily lives. Like drones, companies are bringing their own Apps in the market to stay competitive and ahead

Digital Marketing

Social medias like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, have changed the way we communicate. Users are more comfortable in accepting ad messages here and react. You can aptly reach your target with specific messages

Dynamically view/ control processes with simple, secure mobile app

To put simply, we can develop mobile applications for you that connects your plant floor to alert, view and control your equipment & machineries directly through mobile App.

SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data and used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries.

take Mobile Instead Of HMI

View/ keep a finger on your processes & operations from anywhere in the world & free yourself of HMI confines.

Instantly Respont To Alarms

Instantly adjust events, trigger remote shutdowns & send notifications.

Easily Measure Performance

Up-to-date analytics, and intuitive dashboards make it easy to measure performance across sites in real time.

For All Industries

Be it Oil & Gas, Processing, services or manufacturing. Easily view, monitor, control & analyze processes.

ID Webservice in SCADA Applications

SCADA Systems: Stands for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. It is an industrial computer-based control system employed to gather and analyze the real-time data to keep track, monitor and control industrial equipment in various types of industries. It is used to monitor & record a variety of data like flows, currents, voltages, pressures, temperatures, levels, etc. If it detects any abnormal condition from any monitoring data; the alarms at specific site is triggered for alerting the operators.

SCADA Generations: SCADA has evolved through 4 generations of development. We are at the end of 3rd generation and moving towards Internet of Things (IoT). Every piece of equipment, machinery & process will get recorded in the cloud, while viewed and controlled from palm of the hand via mobile. More and more ‘Next Generation’ protocols use web services and other technologies making them IT supportable.


  • Web-Based Deployement
  • Universal Platform
  • Built on Trusted IT standards
  • Industry-Leading Support

“ID WebService” – Features

We are improving on an ID WebService package that provides several features of HMI and more.

Build Mobile-Responsive SCADA Applications: We build for you a full-fledged mobile-responsive SCADA App that put the full overview and control of your plant floor right on your phone, tablet, & desktop.

Real-Time Monitoring: Designed to streamline data-throughput so you see real-time tag values. Further, with Event Alarms you can stay aware of happenings at your facility.

Powerful Excel/PDF Reports: Provides Excel & PDF reports as per your defined report parameters with instant share facilities. Also view high-performance time-series graphs.

Support Multiple Protocols and Drivers: Supports few open real-time & offline data connectivity. We are continually adding drivers, protocols & communication parameters, both proprietary & non- proprietary.

Scalable: Scale from a single client installation to an enterprise-wide system with ease.

Efficient, Secure, and Reliable: We provide Mobile App for you to view runtime and historical data, to monitor your operations and control processes.

Open data connectivity: Can support several data exchanges for integration with 3rd party software.

Control Your Process: You can start and stop processes, monitor multiple data points at multiple locations, and check the status of the entire plant floor at any given moment with intuitive touch commands.

Strong Security: We supports cyber security protocols such as two-factor authentication.

Security levels & control: Provide hierarchal authentication system for cross level spectrum of processes to authorized persons. Contact us for a demonstration