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Why Climate related Entities should have their own Mobile App?

I take pride pursuing my passion in renewable energies, environmental issues and sustainable living over the past 17 years. In humility I mention to have studied across the board on related topics. However, I still feel that there is so much to know and so much to impart. Like several thousand other environmentalists, I have also kept my passion with renewable energies and climate change issues. I believe that it is high time for us all to make a seismic change in our approach and get really active in creating awareness as well as taking actions to not only reduce but also try to eliminate negative impact on environment.

After returning back to Pakistan in 2010 and started my own venture in promotion of renewable energies, industrial automation and Information Technology, I believe it’s time to share my experience with you all and see how it can benefit climate related entities in getting a wider and deeper set of audience for carbon footprint contributions.

With the present world population of 7.7 billion and rising, how many really know about adverse climactic changes; how many realize their responsibilities; how many really want to act and how many finally contribute towards improvement? Less than 0.001%.

Is there a way to reach a larger segment of the population and how? Are your present channels bringing new partners and contributors and is there some new channel to expand your reach? Yes! Great to know that you understand and are going to add your mobile presence through an App.

App market is doubling in every 5 years. Your presence on mobile is not only imperative but also critical. If you get time, read my report –
“Business Plan to go Mobile App”.We can discuss implementation in a period of just 3 months. Izzy Digital Profile fills you up with our scope of work and services.

With our expertise in developing apps, we can assist you in effectively using inbuilt “Invitation” and “Notification” modules. Your most important advantage to work with us is that we also have in-house understanding of greenhouse gases and adverse effects of climactic changes. This can help you in producing a very effective mobile app.

“IzzyDigital” has expertise in developing apps for smart phones both Android as well as iOS based. Further, we can assist you in digital marketing if you so desires. The most important advantage to team up with us is that we also have in-house understanding of greenhouse gases and adverse effects of climatic changes.This can help you in producing a very effective mobile app.

We have created a static Demo App for you to experience. Imagine such an app in the palm of all users. Imagine your users getting daily notifications on your services; on how they can assist in carbon mitigation; on creating awareness, on climate news, etc.

You already have an online presence plus when you have a mobile app; your climate topics will make really good impression.

  • In order to make your presence felt via mobile app either for productivity, employee performance, interacting with supporters or marketing, you need to take the first step.
  • Your message needs to be spread wide and large at a global level. The awareness needs to be created at all age groups and at all income level people.

We offer you;

  • Development of mobile app both for Android and iOS systems
  • Manage notification system to create awareness & education
  • Digital marketing to spread your message across the globe.

Invariably at some point in time you will have to make your mobile presence.

Why not now?  Be ahead of the lot.